Rewenda welcomes each and every client, regardless of size or line of business. For us, each client is as important as everyone else.

Our existing client-broker partnership spans across various industries and cross-border operations. Our Go-To-Market strategy is to win more partnership with Finnish companies operating in Finland and abroad.

Client experience

We listen and constantly enhance client experience through face-to-face meetings and feedback analysis. We identify areas for improvement and initiate early intervention to resolve issues.


We aim to be holistic. As far as possible, when executing international Risk Management Consulting and Insurance Solutions for our client, we take into account the entire organization; its processes, policies, framework, and business-model. Helping clients maximize and take full advantage of our services.

Customer benefits

We improve our customers’ risk evaluation and awareness, while lowering insurance costs and unify insurance coverage. We also create better claims processes and most importantly, our partnership with customers allows them to have more time to concentrate on growing their business!

Our commitment to capture the Finnish market is reflective of our strategic office locations. We positioned ourselves in four major business hubs in Finland, a strategy not common to Finnish-owned broker firms.


Each member of our TEAM focus on what they do, and they do it best. Rewenda is composed of highly professional people. Each one take ownership and accountability, at the same time recognizes that roles and responsibilities have direct result towards overall productivity.

We are at your service with our professional, uncompromising and humble attitude and lengthy experience in the field. We pride at being a reliable, sought-after and sustainable business partner.

Kari-Pekka Hakala
Tel +358 10 271 5597
Mob +358 50 361 1259

Roselyn Legaspi Salvador
Network & International Insurance
Tel +358 10 271 5594
Mob +358 45 609 1158

Ari Schwartz
Tel +358 10 271 5592
Mob +358 500 236 289

Pasi Mattila
Tel +358 10 271 5593
Mob +358 500 721 816

Tapani Toppi
Risk Consulting
Mob +358 40 038 8565

Anu Ruotsalainen
Mob +358 50 409 1991

Timo Porraskorpi
IT, Systems, Digitalization

Anne Kaisla
Client Service
Tel +358102715595
Mob +358 46 920 2442

Kalle Mattila
Tel m. +358 50 411 2304

  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Audit of existing Global Insurance Program
  • Per Country Compliance Assessment
  • Expertise of International Broker Network
  • Benchmarking
  • Global Insurance Program Design
  • Customized Foreign Insurance Program
  • Global Insurance Procurement and Placement
  • Professional Account Management


A professional international broker is one who is competitive, forward-thinking, critical thinker and result-oriented. The broker carries not just expertise but also passion to serve and understand businesses in diverse industries, and takes pro-active approach to capture clients, provide added value by tailoring bespoke insurance provision according to client’s business needs, obligations and geography.


One of the central issue confronting every international firm is WHO, WHAT and HOW to set-up the global insurance solution for their risk exposures, both home country and abroad. Finnish market has few broker-players in this business area. This is where Rewenda can add value to your organization.

We welcome the opportunity to be your trusted and reliable partner for your Risk Management Consulting and Insurance Solutions.


No matter how diverse vertically or horizontally your firm is, you will find that there is win-win relationship and co-operation that we can create together.



Manufacturers’ Liability, Carriers and Baillies Liability, Environmental Liability, Legal Expenses Insurance, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Cyber Insurance, Errors and Omissions, Professional Indemnity, Kidnap & Ransom, Terrorism, Shipbuilding Insurance, Motor, Hull, Fleet, Marine, Cargo Insurance, Property Insurance, Business Interruption, Real-Estate and, Property Owner’s, Liability Insurance, Crime and Fidelity Insurance, Contractors’ All Risk, Erection All Risk, Public Liability,Products Liability, Products Recall, Global Business Travel, Accident Insurance, Disability Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Medical / Health Insurance, Keyman Insurance, Expatriates Insurance, Voluntary Pension