Our clients are companies who takes business sustainability seriously. Becoming global is their target as they grow and occupy strategic position in the global market. This is where Rewenda consider our broker services most critical for our clients. At this point, we count on the know-how of our international broker network. Through this network, we have access to worldwide risk management and international insurance expertise.

TRC is one of the largest broker alliances world-wide headquartered in Hamburg, Germany

With origins in 1998, TRC today has about 120 member brokers based in 85 different countries catering for more than 170 counties in total.

TRC members together count more than 25,000 employees and handle premiums of more than 23bn EURO.

TRC strives to assure highest quality standards amongst it's members, responsible compliance, and adequate transparency to contribute to the best possible coordination of insurance solutions around the globe

  • Since 1998
  • 1 of the largest independent broker networks
  • 1500 global accounts
  • 3 locations
  • 130 network members
  • 23 billion premium
  • 25000 employees
  • 170 countries
  • 3 billion brokerage

Rewenda is also into strategic collaboration with other international brokers, further strengthen our international capabilities.


Our collaboration spans across North and South America, Canada, Europe, UK, Russia, Africa, Middle-East and South-East Asia, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region”.